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Looked through my old fanlistings and can't even be sure I care about half of those things anymore, plus most of the listings are dead. Decided to start a new one.




Batman CSI CSI : Miami Dexter Hana Kimi Fresh Prince Friends House Gregory House Mythbusters The Office Jim Halpert Dwight Schrute Michael Scott Poltergeist : The Legacy MMPR Tommy Oliver Star Trek (TOS) James T. Kirk Mr. Spock Vulcans Picard Data That 70's Show Chuck

Star Trek : TNG blood brothers


Heroes Heroes: Season 1 Peter Petrelli Nathan Petrelli HRG

There is no fanlisting for Sylar and there are no Sylar icons for either the Official Heroes Fanlisting or the Season 1 Fanlisting. Clearly, this is an anti-Sylar conspiracy


SPN Jimmy Novak John/Dean/Sam

Dean Winchester Sam Winchester The Impala Castiel Bobby Singer John Winchester Azazel Dean/Castiel John & Dean Season One SPN male characters Episode : Mystery Spot Ep : Born Under a Bad Sign


X-Files Fox Mulder Dana Scully AD Skinner Alex Krycek


Genre : Horror Genre : Asian Horror Genre : Japanese Horror Genre : Zombie Genre : Thriller Genre : Musicals
(No fanlisting exists for psychological thrillers or psychological horror, which is my favorite. Mindfuck movies are A++)

American History X Batman Begins ExistenZ Hellraiser Series High Fidelity Memento RENT Rocky Horror Star Wars (series) Star Trek Movies To Kill A Mockingbird Fight Club Harry Potter Series Star Trek XI Across the Universe Labyrinth

The Dark Crystal Repo! My Bloody Valentine (2009)
Young Guns Series


Jensen Ackles Christian Bale Stephen Colbert Misha Collins Tim Curry John Cusack Matt Damon Johnny Depp Edward Furlong David Duchovny Cary Elwes David Hayter Hayami Shou Hugh Jackman Kenn Jude Law Heath Ledger Zachary Quinto Jared Padalecki Chris Pine Brad Pitt Shirota Yuu Patrick Stewart Jon Stewart Milo Ventimiglia JDM

Adrian Pasdar


Eddie IzzardDressed to Kill Dane Cook



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